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'Ello Again!


Post by Rain » Tue Oct 17, 2017 7:30 am

Your Name: Rain
Your Age: 23
Favorite Color: Bloody crimson and the combined lights of that sky-paper of deep, stretching colors whom show off at sunset.
Your most silly memory: I wanted to be a princess when I was little. To accomplish this job title, I would run around the yard 'singing' at the birds, and get disappointed that they wouldn't land and come talk with me. So I would run back inside, take a giant bite out of a new red apple and fall down dead on the floor. My mum had to throw out a lot of apples.
Your favorite Ice Creme Flavor: Chocolate cherry or mint
Weather you prefer cats or dogs: So many cats, oh gosh. But my dogs are my buddies. It's rainin' fluffy ones~
Whether you prefer leeches or spiders as your method of blood removal: I'm gonna have to side with spiders because they'd leave all these pretty little bite patterns. The biggest downside would be their inevitable itchiness and inefficiency. Or perhaps that last one's an upside? :)

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